About Me

(。◕◡◕。) Hi there, I'm Kimberly!

I am an undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I am currently pursuing a major in computer science and minor in industrial design. I have a passion for human-computer interaction.

(◡‿◡✿) I design personal solutions for real people

In classes such as User Interface Design (CS 3750), I design for low-income single-parents and create artifacts like community yearbooks to promote community engagement and career-building in single-parent neighborhoods within Greater Atlanta.

At the Healthcare Experience and Applications Lab (Hx Lab), I design for adolescents with chronic illness to help them effectively report and describe their symptoms and observations of daily life (ODLs) to parents and clinicians.

(´。• ᵕ •。`) And I create meaningful and engaging content for real people

At HackGT, I design live site UI/UX for its annual 1000+ people 36-hr hackathon and 100+ people 24-hr hackathons and makeathons.

At Women at the College of Computing (W@CC), I design diversity-driven websites that promote women's diversity in computing.

As a freelancer, I create client-driven illustrations and websites that are equally captivating and creative.

As a designer, I create my own content in personal search of solutions to global usability problems and publish content on my blog.